About Wupi People


The Wupi People is a cómic concept created by Carlos Ernesto Covarrubias Patiño (I know is a long name), or you just can call me "Chuckov".

Tina Loló is my first character that I drew back in 2004, I think. At first she was one of us, I mean, froma planet Earth, eventually she became an alien from planet Alivari. Although today you can have the same character placed in multiple universes, so I am now creating "Tina Loló - The Original Series" and "Gente Wupi The Comic".

You also can find here Doctor Mantix, Xabito and The Lópexs. For the LGBTQ Series, "Gay me Crazy" you can visit this website: https://gmc.wupicomics.com/

I hope you enjoys this cómics!